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Mercy Story

Catherine McAuley was a clever, kind and generous woman who loved God with all her heart. She listened to God and did what he asked her do to – care for the poor, open schools for young children, visit sick people in their homes and in hospitals and, the most important of all, to love and trust God.  Read more…

Celebrate special Mercy Days such as Mercy Day and Foundation Day.

Catherine loved to pray and talk to God. Pray or sing a special Mercy prayer to God.

To learn more about some of the exciting works of Mercy being done here in Aotearoa.

To discover more about works of Mercy being done all around the world.

Mercy Prayers

Prayer was at the heart of everything Catherine McAuley did.

She said that we should …..

”pray fervently and constantly….”

And Catherine once described prayer like this:

“Prayer is a plant, the seed of which is sown at the heart of every Christian, but its growth depends on the care we take to nourish it”

Catherine’s Children’s prayer

Prayer for kids who are sorry


Catherine’s special prayer to God (Catherine’s Suspice)

Special Mercy Days

Mercy Day – September 24

On the 24th of September every year, Sisters of Mercy and their friends around the world celebrate Mercy Day. This is the day on which Catherine McAuley first opened the House of Mercy in Ireland and dedicated it to Our Lady of Mercy. This is a day to celebrate all the wonderful work Sisters of Mercy and their friends do around the world.

Foundation Day – December 12

On December 12 we celebrate the Founding of the Sisters of Mercy by Catherine McAuley. This is the first day that Catherine and her friends became known as Sisters of Mercy. It is a very important day for all Mercy Schools and it is a great day for us to pray special Mercy prayers.

Good Cup of Tea Day – between September 24 and December 12

Just before she died, Catherine McAuley told her Sisters that they should have a good cup of tea together in the community room, after she had gone.

Mercy International Association now asks us to hold a ‘Good Cup of Tea’ day to help raise money for works of Mercy. You can hold this special event any time during Mercy Season (between 24 September and 12 December). It is also a great way to celebrate the Mercy value of Hospitality.