St Bernard’s School, Brooklyn.
St Bernard’s School, Brooklyn.

St Bernard’s School actually used to be called St Anthony’s School.

St Anthony’s School in Brooklyn was opened in 1911 in the Catholic Church on Jefferson Street.

The Sisters of Mercy were invited to take charge of the new school. The first Mercy Sisters were Sister Boniface and Sister Fabian. On the first day of school there were 43 students.

St Bernard’s School was a Church-School. This meant that parents and students had to remove the school desks every Friday evening and bring in the pews for Sunday Mass. After Mass, the Church was turned back into a classroom.

In 1949 the Parish bought some land in Taft Street. The church was moved there and a new school was built. The school was called St. Anthony’s but the names was later changed to St Bernard’s School. The Sisters of Mercy continued to run the school until 1972.