In 1910 the Sisters of Mercy decided it was important for two Sisters to travel by tram from their convent in Guildford Terrace to Karori every Sunday to teach the local Catholic children about God. As Karori did not have a Church or a Catholic school then, the Sisters met with the children in the home of one of the local families.

In 1927, St Teresa’s Church was finally built. The Church was used as a classroom for a number of years. The children had to move the desks and chairs out on Friday afternoon so the Church could be used for Mass on Sunday, and then put all the school desks and chairs back again on Monday morning.

In 1939 the Parish decided to build a new school with three classrooms. It was called St Teresa’s School. The Sisters travelled each day by train to teach at St Teresa’s until the Marist Sisters took over running of the school in 1941.