St-Thomas-Winton2Early in 1898 Father Patrick O’Neill, who was the parish priest of Winton, invited Mercy Sisters to come and live in the Winton community to help set up a new school and to help Winton families. On August 20, Sr Mary Clare, Sr Gertrude and Sr Philomena, togther with Mother Kostka arrived in Winton. As soon as the Sisters were settled they began their work of teaching and visiting the sick and elderly.

The first school was opened on 29 August, 1898 with forty children. It had one classroom and a porch.

Winton Community 1810. Sisters Mary Josephine, Bernard, Xavier, Gerald and Clare.
Winton Community 1810.
Sisters Mary Josephine, Bernard, Xavier, Gerard and Clare.

The Sisters often didn’t have enough food to eat, so families would donate food to the Sisters.

As Winton was a large farming community, many children travelled long distances to go to St Thomas’ School. Some children travelled by a horse and cart. Later, children were able to travel to school by bus and train.

St-Thomas-WintonAs the school roll grew, more and more classrooms were built. Until finally, a new school was built in 1966.

The Sisters continued to work in the school until 1988 when Sister Regis, the principal, resigned.