I show Compassion when I…

When I am a good listener

When I look for ways to help other people in my community

When I stick up for someone who
is being teased

When I look for children at school who are being left out and invite them to join in my game

When I forgive someone who has hurt me

When I share my toys and games

Compassion Prayer
Te Aroha

E te Atua atawhai, God of fender mercy, Your love reaches out fo everyone, and you hear -the cry of the poor. Give us hearts that are full of love for those who live with heavy burdens, who trace pain or hunger every day. Help us fo work together to change our world and fo make if better, even in small ways. May we never doubt that our love can make a difference, in Mercy’s name. Amen.

  • How do you show compassion?
  • Have you seen other people showing compassion?
  • What way can you show the value of compassion this week?
  • How did Jesus show compassion?
  • What did Jesus say about the value of compassion?