The first St Michael’s School was actually opened in Lake Road in 1903. It was then moved to Ranolf Street in 1924.

However the Sisters of Mercy were asked to send a small number of Sisters to Rotorua to set up a new Mercy convent and a new Catholic School. There was another Catholic school in Rotorua called St Mary’s School which was run by the Sisters of St Joseph. However, this school was already full and the Parish needed a new school.

A member of St Michael’s Parish very kindly gave the Sisters a piece of land so they were able to build a new convent and school.

In 1958 the new St Michael’s School was finally opened. At the beginning of the year, the classrooms were not quite ready, so the Sisters of St Joseph kindly offered the Sisters of Mercy to use a classroom at St Mary’s School until the St Michael’s classrooms were finally finished.

The first Sisters of Mercy to teach at the new St Michael’s School were Sr Bertrand, Sr Bernadette and Sr Annunciata.