I show Respect when I…

When I am polite

When I keep promises that I make

When I don’t interrupt other people when they are talking

When I follow my school rules

When I follow my family’s rules

When I am a good listener

When I show good manners

Respect Prayer
Te Tapu o Te Tangata

E te Afua aroha nui, God of great love: Jesus told us that you Forget no one, and that each person is worth more than hundreds of sparrows. Help us fo remember that we are all special in your sight, and that you call each of us by name. May we treat one another with respect and love because we all belong to you. Amen.

  • How do you show respect?
  • Have you seen other people showing respect?
  • What did Jesus say about the value of respect?
  • How did Jesus show respect?
  • What way can you show the value of respect this week?