The Eucharist

The Eucharist gathers us as members of your family. Help me to appreciate the family I belong to.

The Eucharist celebrates your presence among us. May I show your face to others. The Eucharist brings us your peace. Help me to find peaceful ways of solving problems.

The Eucharist brings us God’s word. May I listen when others speak to me. The Eucharist shows you care for me. Help me to care for those in need.

The Eucharist gives thanks for God’s creation. May I value the world around me. The Eucharist brings us your life. Help me to see all life as a gift.

The Eucharist Jesus shares himself with us. May I share what I have with those who are hungry. The Eucharist sends us out to make a better world. Help me to do your work each day. Amen