I show Hospitality when I…

When I am generous

When I visit people who are sick or send them a card

When I donate food to St Vincent de Paul

When I help to raise money for Caritas

When I welcome new children at my school

When I say hello to someone at school that I don’t know

When I welcome new families into my neighbourhood

Hospitality Prayer
Te Manaakifanga

From Catherine McAuley we learn to reach out to others, especially when they are lonely or sad. our greatest gift is to welcome another and to share a love that warms -their hearts. May our doors always be open to those who come looking for a place to call home. May a good cup of tea awaits every visitor who knocks at our door. For none comes without a gift, and no guest leaves without a blessing, in Mercy’s name. Amen.

  • How do you show hospitality?
  • Have you seen other people showing hospitality?
  • What did Jesus say about the value of hospitality?
  • How did Jesus show hospitality?
  • What way can you show the value of hospitality this week?