The Parish Priest of Manurewa, Fr Kenefick, invited the Sisters of Mercy to open a convent in his Parish so they could help him work with the many new families in the area and teach at the new Catholic school he wanted to open.

The Sisters agreed, and sent a small group of Sisters to set up a new community in Manurewa. When the new school was opened in 1952 there were 60 students. The first teachers were Sr Francis Mary Rassie and Sr Mary Cletus O’Leary. Sr Cecelia Lundon taught music to many students to help earn some extra money.

The Sisters were kept very busy – after teaching all day, they would often then go on ‘visitation’. This meant they visited school families and other neighbours in their homes.

The school was very popular, and in 1955 a new classroom was built. In 1990 the new school was built in Russell Road.