Some Catholic families in Forbury wanted to have a Catholic school built in their area for their children. So, the community fundraised to buy some land and a new Catholic school was built.

On December 23, 1934 St Bernadettes School was opened. There were 129 children on the first day. Their teachers were Sister Carmel, Sister Dominic, Sister Dympna, and Sister Ligouri who was the principal.

The school was referred to as an “out-school” which meant the four Sisters, had to travel by tram to and from school each day from the main Mercy convent South Dunedin, which was called the “Mother House”. In 1960 parents raised money to buy a car for the Sisters’ so they could drive to school every day.

As more and more children began at the school, new classrooms had to be built.

The Sisters’ earned money from teaching children music, singing and speech after school. This money helped to pay for resources for the school.

The last Sister to teach at St Bernadettes was Sister Moya McKeown.

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