A small area called Nightcaps was beginning to grow as men moved there with their families to work in the coal mines. Many of these families were Catholic, but their children were too young to travel to nearby St Peter’s at Wreys Bush to attend school. So, the Parish priest decided to set up a new school in Nightcaps for all the Catholic children. On 16th August 1917, St Patrick’s School, Nightcaps, was opened.

Sister Paul and Sister Teresa were the the first teachers.


Dunedin---St-Patricks-School---Nightcaps-2The Sisters continued to live in Wrey Bush and travel by horse and carriage to and from Nightcaps each day. But in 1935 the parishioners bought the Sisters a car.

By 1935 the roll at St Peters in Wreys Bush was just 6 children, so those children were sent to school at St Patrick’s in Nightcaps.

The Mercy Sisters also moved to live in Nightcaps.

The Nightcaps Community, 1949. From Left: Sisters Loyola, Madeleine, Patricia Vaughn, Margaret Mary, and Marirose.

In 1987 the Sisters handed over the school to the Josephite Sisters to continue the work of teaching Catholic children in the area.

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