St Anne's 1932
St Anne’s 1932
In 1890 the Sisters were asked to teach in a small school in Newtown.

Then a parish school was opened called St Joseph’s Convent School. It was in a two-storey house. The school grew very quickly, so a new school had to be built in 1893.

The number of students grew very quickly, and a bigger school was built in 1897. This school was called St Anne’s School. The Sisters had to travel to school from St Mary’s Convent in Guildford Terrace each day. Then in 1900, a convent was built for the Sisters in Newtown so they were able to live in the local community.

As well as running St Anne’s School, the Sisters worked hard supporting mothers and their families, and visiting sick people in hospitals and in their homes.

St Anne's
St Anne’s